Inaugural Simons-Emory Symposium on Motor Control

Friday June 26th 2020, 10 AM - 1 PM EDT

“What tools are we missing to understand motor control?
What could we learn if we had them?”

Full symposium recording is available on Youtube

  Amy Bastian - Kennedy Krieger Institute
  Rui Costa - Columbia University
  Amy Orsborn - U Washington
  Chethan Pandarinath - Emory University and Georgia Tech
  Abigail Person - U. Colorado
  Andrew Pruszynski - Western University, Canada
  Flip Sabes - UCSF and Neuralink
  Lena Ting - Emory Univeristy and Georgia Tech

  Gordon Berman* - Emory University
  Megan Carey - Champalimaud Ctr., Portugal
  Ilya Nemenman - Emory University
  Sam Sober* - Emory University