Simons-Emory International Consortium In Person Meeting

Organized by Leila May Pascual and Lahiru Wimalasena

October 3rd - 4th from 9am-2pm ET

This trainees organized event will showcase motor research performed at the Zuckerman Institute at Columbia University spotlighting their motor research.

Schedule of Events

         9:00  AM        Welcome by Rui Costa
         9:10  AM        Featured talks (3)
        10:40 AM        Break
        10:55 AM        Speed talks
        11:25 AM        Gathertown/Lunch
        12:15 PM        Featured talks (2)
         1:15  PM        Break
         1:25  PM        Growing up in Science with Sam Sober
         1:55  PM        Closing remarks


Featured speakers (20 minute talk, 10 minutes questions):
  Chris Rodgers, Lab of Randy Bruno
      Starting his own lab at Emory
  Eric Trautmann, Lab of Mark Churchland
  Laureline Logiaco, Lab of Sean Escola and Larry Abbott
  Jonathan Tang, Lab of Rui Costa
  James Heald, Lab of Daniel Wolpert

Speed talks (3 minutes talk):
 Marjorie Xie, Lab of Ashok Litwin-Kumar
 Anders Nelson, Lab of Rui Costa
 Vivek Athalye, Lab of Rui Costa
 Leslie Sibener, Lab of Rui Costa
 Dan Biderman, Lab of John Cunningham
Vikram Gadagkar
Itamar Kahn
Darcy Kelley