Simons-Emory Workshop on Neural Dynamics

Friday December 4th from 11am-2pm EST livestreaming on Youtube

"What could neural dynamics have to say about neural computation, and
do we know how to listen?"

Full symposium recording is available on Youtube. Please watch on Youtube for a replay of the live chat discussion about the workshop.

The workshop assumed familiarity with Vyas et al., Ann Rev Neuro 2020 (available here or here.)

Organizer & Moderator:
  Chethan Pandarinath - Emory University and Georgia Tech

Speakers & Discussants:
  Adrienne Fairhall - U Washington
  Mehrdad Jazayeri - MIT
  John Krakauer - John Hopkins
  Francesca Mastrogiuseppe - Gatsby / UCL
  Abigail Person - U Colorado
  Abigail Russo - Princeton
  Krishna Shenoy - Stanford
  Saurabh Vyas - Columbia